Synopsis for Trenched in Passion: A Trent Brothers Trilogy

TRENCHED IN PASSION: A Trent Brother’s Trilogy. This historical romance begins in 1830, in Savannah Georgia, the Atlantic Ocean, and England. The series follows three brothers journey to finding true love.


Gabriel Trent is about to enter into a marriage of convenience to a woman he has never laid eyes upon.  Gabriel is the third born son of a wealthy English Family, but won’t inherit any of the estate or money. He and his best friend Will pool their assets, buy their own ship and become merchants travelling the seas. Wanting to expand their business, they need more ships, more money, and most important more influence in America. That is where John Lacey comes into the picture. To gain interest in his already successful enterprise, all Gabriel has to do is marry John Lacey’s daughter, Georgia.

Gabriel is ready to set sail on his last voyage before returning to Savannah to be married. John Lacey and Georgia were not present when Gabriel arrived at the Lacey’s home earlier in the day to meet his future bride. John Lacey’s ship returns to port as Gabriel is getting drunk,   in hopes of forgetting about his impending marriage. Gabriel makes his way to the docks attempting to catch a glimpse of his future wife. He is thrilled at the sight of the beautiful woman running down the dock to greet her mother and sister. Not wanting to intrude on the family homecoming, he slips away without making his presence known.

Forced into marriage to a complete stranger is far from Georgia’s idea of a fairy tale life. As she escapes from her father’s arranged marriage dressed as a boy, she seeks refuge on a ship bound for England. She is discovered as soon as the ship leaves the port of Savannah hiding in the cargo hold, by the Captain. Her fate is then thrown into his hands. He is kind, romantic and extremely attractive. Georgia keeps her identity a secret from the captain, only explaining that she is heading to England to stay with her Uncle Thomas. Georgia is unaware that she has run right into the hands of the man she has been promised to. Gabriel cannot believe his luck that Georgia has unknowingly run right to him. It is a secret he plans on keeping from her.

During a violent storm, Gabriel is knocked unconscious and wounded. Georgia nurses him back to health. The incident brings them closer and makes it impossible for them to stay apart. While on the ship they both fight inner turmoil of how to tell each other their true identities.  Upon arriving in England, they travel to Gabriel’s family estate in the country both looking for the right moment to share their secrets. Before they are able to confess, Gabriel is arrested for kidnapping Georgia and Georgia is escorted to her Uncle’s in London.

Gabriel’s eldest brothers use their influence in London politics help to gain his release from jail. Gabriel along with his four brothers and Will work to discredit the false charges that were brought against Gabriel by his nemesis, Henry Slater. Slater is an American merchant who longs to secure a position in John Lacey’s company by marrying Georgia. In the end true love conquers all and Georgia and Gabriel forgive each other for their secrets.

Book Two:  BURIED PASSION   (Work in Progress)

After three years of marriage, Patrick Trent and his beloved Samantha finally conceive. Patrick is devastated when Samantha dies during childbirth.  In order to move on and give his daughter, Annabelle a happy childhood, Patrick desires a fresh start in a new land. He heads to Savannah Georgia where his brother Gabriel, wife Georgia, and their son reside.

Charlotte Perrot’s is a young woman whose father’s passing left her penniless with no place to live. She accepts a nanny position from a wealthy man who recently lost his wife in childbirth. Charlotte agrees to travel with them across the Atlantic with the hope of starting a new life of her own.

During the voyage there is an unspoken attraction that exists between Patrick and Charlotte. After settling into their new life in Savannah, the attraction grows stronger. After a night of heavy drinking, Patrick gives in to his desire for Charlotte and takes her to his bed. Patrick is ashamed of his actions. In an effort to relieve his guilt he offers Charlotte a hefty sum of money and reluctantly advises her to resign her position as nanny. Charlotte is crushed and heartbroken. She leaves Savannah in search of her only remaining family that she believes to be in Charleston.

Patrick is tormented by the passion that he has been denying exists between himself and Charlotte. He sets out to find Charlotte to admit to his true feelings and win back her love.

Book Three- NO PLANS FOR PASSION    (Work in Progress)

After being challenged to a duel for sleeping with an Earl’s wife, Luke Trent is cut off financially from his family. Thinking it would be in his best interest to put distance and time between his mother and oldest brother Andrew,  he boards the next ship bound for America to visit with his brother’s and their families.

Georgia Trent’s life-long friend, Isabelle Harder’s life has been planned out for her since birth. The strong willed Isabelle has plans of her own.  After meeting Luke, she pitches him a plan to save them both from their family’s interference. Her plan involves being caught in a compromising situation, one that her father will demand that Luke marry her to save her honor. They agree on splitting their assets and leading separate lives. Keeping up their charade in public drives Luke and Isabelle to the realization that they have an undeniable attraction to one another. What neither of them planned for was to fall in love with the person that they married.


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2 Responses to Synopsis for Trenched in Passion: A Trent Brothers Trilogy

  1. gstanichuk says:

    I have read this entire manuscript and I loved it! It has everything that you could ask for in a Victorian Romance Novel … great characters, inspiring settings and wonderful story telling. I am eagerly awaiting the next Novel in the Trent Brother’s Trilogy.

  2. dan says:

    You are amazing….think I’ll need to read when ready…….you know the motto!!!!

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