DREAMER, is a completed 70,000 word young adult mystery, romance. It is the first in a series of  novels that follow the dreams of Rory Adair to help her solve crimes with the help of other teens she meets along the way with extraordinary abilities.

The only time that Rory ever told anyone that her dreams come true, she was six years old. Finding out that her Grandfather had died was not something she wanted to relive twice. Rory’s dreams since then have been insignificant, such as knowing ahead of time when she is going to have a pop quiz in math, what her plans for Friday night are going to be, and other trivial everyday events. That’s until she starts to have dreams of a stranger. She is with him at the movies, going to laser tag, and she sees him in school. She has never met this tall, dark, and extremely attractive guy before.

Rory’s handsome stranger turns out to be identical twin brothers who move to Troy Michigan from Virginia in the middle of the school year. They are instantly accepted into Rory’s friend circle, and both brothers show an interest in Rory immediately

She has a class with each of the brothers, Ryder is in her Heath class and Bryce who is a very accomplished artist is in her Drawing class. She is torn between which brother she likes more. When she is pressured by her friends to ask one of them to the upcoming dance, she chooses Ryder Wyatt as her date. While Bryce is disappointed he is in no way going to back off in his pursuit of Rory.

Three young women in their early twenties have gone missing in the area at night while driving alone in their car. Rory’s friend Stacey is the only one of them with a license. Rory has a bad feeling that something is going to happen. After dreaming about a conversation she is going to have with her friends warning them to be safe, her dreams start to change. She has dreams where she is no longer herself seeing what is in store for her future, but someone else’s.

Meanwhile, Bryce Wyatt has been paying close attention to Rory. He notices a few times when she slips up knowing something that hasn’t happened, yet. He confronts Rory asking if she is psychic. He has a secret of his own that he shares with Rory. He had been drawing portraits of her for two months before he ever met her. They have a moment of truth where they both confide in each other their secret abilities.

Rory’s fear for her friend comes true when Stacey goes missing on Valentine’s Day. Rory is in hot pursuit of finding her best friend Stacey while both of the Wyatt brothers are in hot pursuit of her attention. Rory and Bryce team up to try and find Stacey. Together they figure out that her dreams and Bryce’s drawings are clues to solving the abductions of the missing women. Using their abilities, intellect, and gut feeling, they work side by side in hopes of finding Stacey and the other women.

Rory and Bryce come up with a theory to connect all four women to one another. Their theory means that a teacher at their school is behind the abductions. They get help from the assistant principal, Mr. Carter, looking through teacher files for other schools the teachers may have worked at. All four missing women went to different high schools. Stacey was the first teenage victim, but they believe they can find a connection that the police and FBI have overlooked. Once they complete their list, they have thirteen possible teachers to investigate. What they need is more time, something that Stacey and the missing women don’t have.

On a hunch Rory and Bryce choose to follow the Chemistry teacher Mr. Stuart from the list. He also taught at two of the three schools that the other missing women went to. After school they follow his car until he turns onto a dirt road where no other cars are around. Bryce calls his dad who is an FBI agent. He tells him where they have followed Mr. Stuart to. The FBI and police take over following at that point.

Bryce and Rory are ordered to go home and wait. They are nervous with anticipating, hoping that they were right. While a small group of friends is hanging out in Rory’s basement waiting for some news, a surprise visitor joins them. Stacey and her parents come to personally thank Rory and Bryce for helping to lead the police to where she was being held captive, saving her and the other women.

Rory now feels the pressure to figure out which Wyatt brother to pick. The dance is three days away. Ryder is her date, but she doesn’t know if she would rather be with Bryce. Right before she goes to get ready for the dance with Ryder, Bryce shows up at her house. He has a dozen pink roses for her. Ryder might be going to the dance with Rory, but Bryce beats him to the first kiss. The story is left hanging as to which brother she eventually picks leading into the next in the series of novels following Rory Adair.

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Author of Historical and Contemporary Romance novels
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  1. gstanichuk says:

    If you loved reading Nancy Drew as a child, you will love this new and exciting young adult mystery series. I had the pleasure of reading through the unpublished manuscript of “Dreamer” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character Rory Adair’s ability to see into her future through her dreams is both captivating and fun. When Rory is not dreaming about clues to help her solve a crime, she is learning about the angst of being a teenager. Rory is a great role model for young readers. Her group of friends and the activities that they take part in are based on the authors own experiences as a teenager, growing up in Troy, Michigan. The idea behind the “Dreamer” series is to showcase various cities throughout Michigan.

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