About Me

Let me introduce myself. I am Anne/Becca Lawson an aspiring Romance writer. Anne Lawson will be my pen name for my Historical Romance novels and Becca Lawson for my Young Adult Fiction novels.  I currently have written two novels and I just started working on a new project.

I began to love reading when I was in middle school. I read every Nancy Drew book that was out!  My brothers used to make fun of me, I would read a book a day during school breaks and during the summer.

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be an author. I liked to write in school and make up stories. I remember making up stories of fairies with my vocabulary words in high school English class. But, even then the thought of writing a novel didn’t cross my mind.

When I was 22 years old, I had graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor degree in History, so of course I couldn’t find a job!  I sat down at my computer one day when I got an idea for a book and I started to write. I got about half way through it and I stopped. I don’t remember why I stopped. But, when I was 28 I read back through it and I finished it. The storyline is the same as it was when I started it in 2002, but the writing has been revised and edited a million times. Currently I have had three full manuscript requests for that novel, Sea of Passion.

I ended up going back to school for teaching. I am certified to teach Social Studies and Health. I am currently looking for a teaching job, but for the time being I am a substitute teacher in Troy Michigan. It doesn’t pay much, but it also gives me the freedom and opportunity to write while I am at work. When I get home my time, energy, and devotion all goes to my two and half-year old son Ryan who is the light of my life!

About Lawson Novels

Author of Historical and Contemporary Romance novels
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