“Man’s” Best Friend

I didn’t grow up being an animal lover. I had cats growing up. I loved my cats, but I was a little scared of them at the same time. My grandparents always had Doberman’s. They were nice dogs, but I was always a little timid around them as well.

About six years ago, I went with my boyfriend at the time to a Dog Rescue. He wanted another dog, so I ended up getting a dog for my Christmas present. Not sure how I got what he wanted…but she is the best Christmas present I ever got!

She was three months old. She is a Shepherd Akita mix. I instantly feel in love. Two different vets told me they estimated that she would end up being about 40 pounds.  She was going to be a medium sized dog…

6 years later, Kugar is about 100 pounds. She is the nicest, sweetest, gentlest, protective, and all around best dog. I am lucky to have such a great dog. She loves my son and is so patient with him, he has stepped on her, pulled her tail, hang on her, and she responds with kisses. He has now learned that Kugar is his best friend too, he wants her to follow us wherever we go and he loves to give her kisses and pet her nice.

Throughout the good times and the bad, when I am sick, sad, happy, or angry, I can always count on my girl to be at my side.

So, of course she has made her way into my novels. Kugar is in DREAMER and I already have her role in my new novel that I am working on. I will find a way to have my big girl in all my novels.


About Lawson Novels

Author of Historical and Contemporary Romance novels
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