Getting Savvy

This April, Savvy Author’s website has been hosting pitch opportunities all month long. I joined Savvy Authors last year and have participated in many of the pitch opportunities that they provide.

Most editors, agents, and publishers ask for a three line pitch of your book. I have been pitching both of the manuscripts that I have written.

I have been asked by one editor so far to see my full manuscript for Sea of Passion. All it takes is one editor, agent, or publisher to like my work. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone out there writing and trying to get published!!


Here are my three line pitches for both of my manuscripts.


Genre: YA paranormal, mystery romance

Title: DREAMER, book one of the series

Word Count: 65,000

Author: Rebecca Johnson


Fifteen year old Rory Adair is anxious to meet the tall, dark and totally gorgeous new stranger she has been dreaming about for days, who turns out to be identical twin brothers who compete for her attention. When Rory’s dreams lead her to believe that something bad is going to happen, she teams up with twin Bryce Wyatt who has a secret ability of his own. Rory’s fear is confirmed when her best friend Stacey goes missing and together with Bryce they use their abilities to search for clues to rescue Stacey before it is too late.


Genre: Historical Romance

Title: Sea of Passion, Book one of the Trent Brothers Trilogy: Trenched in Passion

Word Count: 70,000

Author: Rebecca Johnson


Free spirited Georgia Lacey is desperate to escape an arrange marriage to a complete stranger, so dressed as a boy she seeks refuge on a ship bound for England. She is discovered as soon as the ship leaves the port of Savannah by the Captain who unknown to Georgia is the very man that her father has struck a bargain with for her to marry. Captain Gabriel Trent is aware of Georgia’s identity which he plans to hide from her in order to charm and entice her into falling in love with him.

About Lawson Novels

Author of Historical and Contemporary Romance novels
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