Hook, Line, and Sinker

How to open with a bang! I believe that hardest chapter to perfect in a book is chapter one. I spend more time writing, re-writing, editing, deleting, and re-writing the first chapter of my book than I do any other chapter.

            I know that in order to hook my reader and gain their attention I need to bait and reel them in right away. I have been working on edits for my Young Adult novel, DREAMER. I have written the first chapter multiple times. I will hopefully finish my read through today and be sending it out tomorrow to an editor who has requested it from Savvy Author’s pitch month.

            Here is Chapter one…as of right now. I hope that you are drawn in and would want to continue to read.

Chapter One

It was the only time I ever told anyone about my dreams.

            “Mom,” I yelled as I burst into her bedroom.

             I ran to her and threw myself into her arms. Sobs rocked my body. Tears streamed down my face.

            “Baby…honey,” mom wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close.

            I clutched onto her. I was taking big gulps of breath, I felt as if my throat was closing up and I couldn’t breathe.

            “Honey…calm down,” mom’s voice was soothing. She rubbed my back and whispered into my ear.

            Just being near her started to calm down my breathing, but I couldn’t control my body from shaking. I tried to talk, but a lump had formed in my throat. It hurt just trying to get the words to come out. Tears continued to flow down my face, soaking moms shoulder.

            “Talk to me, baby.”

            Between sobs, I tried to get it out. I didn’t want to say it. I didn’t want it to be true. “Grandpa …is…going to …die.”

            “Oh baby, Grandpa is fine. I talked to Grandma tonight.”

            I shook my head. She didn’t understand. I just saw it, mom didn’t know yet. “Grandma…is going to…call…”

            “It was only a bad dream…” We both jumped when the phone rang.

            Oh no, it was already coming true.

It was the only time I ever told anyone about my dreams.


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  1. Brandon Stanichuk says:

    I’m hooked!

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