Relieving Stress

When you get stressed out what makes you feel better? For me…I cook. Luckily I am not a stress eater, just a cooker. I love to try new recipes. There is something about focusing on the recipe and what I am doing that takes my mind to another place. I don’t always follow the recipe exactly. I like to change it up. My family likes that I enjoy cooking, so they don’t mind when I am stressed out. I am not taking it out on them and they end up with a reward that is delicious at the end.

 I don’t like to read books with angry characters, so I cook! My new novel that I am working on, my character is going to open a bakery. I am a better cook than I am a baker, but I enjoy doing both. I was looking through my cooking magazines thinking of my character and what things she would make. I think about her characteristics as I am cooking and baking too. I might end up gaining a little weight as I write her story though. This character is fun for me to think of and write about. I am excited to get started on writing her, as soon as I cook up a few more treats!

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