Celebrity Look A-likes

Celebrity Look A-likes

I am constantly looking at people thinking of what famous person I think they look like. It is a strange habit of mine, I can’t help myself. Being a teacher, I see a lot of kids all day long in class, in the hallways, etc. I am constantly thinking, who do they look like? Normally I connect them to an actor from a movie in the 80’s that they have never heard of…I am pretty sure the students all think I am crazy! Today I swear I saw Cindy Mancini from Can’t Buy me Love walking through the hallway.

I have been told a few times that I look like famous people. I have been told Gwenth Paltrow, I think it is when I straighten my hair. Other than straight blonde hair…I don’t see a connection. Most recently I have been told that I look like Elizabeth Shue. Obviously it isn’t my students coming up with this one, they have never heard of her. Although why they haven’t seen movies such as The Karate Kid and Adventures in Babysitting is beyond me! Classics in my book!!

I love when people think they look like a beautiful famous actor and there is absolutely no resemblance other than the fact that they are both females! Maybe I am way off in my thinking I can pass for a (young) Elizabeth Shue. What do you think?

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