The Best Laid Plans

Today I outlined the remainder of my work in progress. I have six more chapters planned out. It will most likely turn out to be 8 or nine more chapters though. I really love my newest book. Whichever book I am reading at the time happens to be my favorite, I am a little biased.

Now all I have to do is find the time to finish my work in progress. Then I have to write a synopsis, query letter and send it out and hold my breath. As of right now my title is Harbor of Love. I am planning on it being the first in a series of three. I have the second book loosely plotted out and I have the main characters background story all figured out in my head.

 Harbor is Love is a contemporary small town romance novel. I am writing it for women that have endured a heartbreaking relationship, but still find love when they thought they never would again.


Kyle got out of his truck in the pouring rain, “is everything alright, Andrea?” He looked concerned.

“Can you give me a lift home? My car won’t start.”

Kyle answered by opening her door up the rest of the way and took her hand. They raced around his truck to the passenger door. He waited for her to get in before closing the door to run back to the driver’s side.

“Phew, what a night,” Kyle remarked. “What is wrong with your car?”

“It wouldn’t turn over at all. I guess the battery could be dead. Do you have jumper cables?” She asked.

“Not in this storm, I am not going to jump your car. I will drive you home and then pick you up in the morning.” Kyle put the truck in reverse, end of discussion on that.

Andrea didn’t respond right away. She looked at Kyle in the dark of his truck. He was so handsome. Her fingers itched to touch his dark wet hair. She looked at his hands on the steering wheel and wondered what it would feel like to have his hands on her body, taking off her wet clothes. Andrea blushed at where her thoughts had traveled. It was dark, thank goodness. She needed to stop reading romance books if this was the way she was going to think in the presence of a good looking man.

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