Sometimes the end is really the beginning…

That is my tagline for my current contemporary novel that I am writing. The premise is three women whose love life has ended all by different circumstances.

Andrea had an abusive husband, Rachel’s’ husband passes away, and Jillian’s husband cheats on her. All three of the women believe that their love life is at an end. The end of a relationship gives them the chance for the beginning of a new life.


Andrea escapes her shattered life to her childhood cottage in Harbor Springs. Her parents had passed away years before and she flees to a place where she has nothing but happy memories.

Rachel is unable to face the stares, questions, and the holidays without her husband John to share them with. She takes a leave of absence from teaching. She wants to go where no one knows her and where her memories of John aren’t lurking in very corner. She ends up in the small town of Harbor Springs.

Jillian is behind on her deadlines. Her agent was able to get her an extension to finish her manuscript, but all Jillian can think of is her lying cheating husband! To escape the Windy City she finds herself in the small town of Harbor Springs where she plans to bury herself in her rented cottage and write.

By chance these three women meet. They form a bond of friendship that helps them to cope and move on from their tragic relationships and to find love again when they least expect it.

 The first book will be Andrea’s story. Andrea’s story will be done by the beginning of August. I am still working on Jillian’s back story and last will be Rachel’s story.


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Author of Historical and Contemporary Romance novels
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1 Response to Sometimes the end is really the beginning…

  1. gstanichuk says:

    I have had the privilege of reading this book as it is being written. I eagerly wait for each new chapter to be written … because of Andrea’s riveting back story. Her new love and her abusive ex-husband combine to make for a most intriguing story. I am eagerly waiting to read the conclusion to Andrea’s story. I love this story and I don’t doubt that everyone else who reads it will too!

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