What does the Future Hold?

I am planning a scene in my next book where my main character is going to go to a psychic. I have never been to a psychic, so in order to write the scene and make it authentic, I had a psychic party. Who doesn’t want a glimpse into their future? I was all for it, but I was a little nervous at the same time.

She didn’t have a crystal ball, she didn’t wear a long flowing skirt and lots of jewelry, and she didn’t cast any spells. She was normal. She laid out on the table stones and crystals. There were probably forty total. She advised me to take a look at them and pick out the ones that I felt drawn to. It was easy. Certain stones and crystals instantly caught my eye and I knew I wanted those ones and set them in front of me.

I nervously waited for her to start. She told me she kept seeing dreams, that dreams were important. My second book that I wrote is called Dreamer, where my main character has dreams every night that come true. I was dumbfounded. I thought holy shit this woman is for real! She went on to tell me a few more things about my past that I already knew. Then she got to the good stuff…the future. My future looks pretty good!  I am anxious to see how it all plays out.

I know that I am the one who really controls my future. She said my books will be well received. In order for that to happen, I can’t sit back and wait for that to come. I have to make it happen. I am more than willing and excited to make all of my dreams come true. Your dreams can only come true if you help them along!


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1 Response to What does the Future Hold?

  1. Brandon Stanichuk says:

    I’m a believer, the psychic party was great!

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