Pitch time at Savvy Authors

It’s that time of year for Savvy Author’s Summer Symposium! I participated last year and I had a few requests for my novels. After submitting, being rejected and revisions, I submitted again in April for their pitch week and that is how I got both of my contracts! So this time around I am submitting my small town contemporary romance novel, Harbor of Love. I am only pitching to agents this time though. So, I am crossing my fingers and hoping for some great new to share soon!!

Here is my pitch for Harbor of Love. I think it is my best book so far…

Harbor of Love is a 68,000 word contemporary romance, with a hint of suspense, set in the small town of Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Sometimes the end is really the beginning.

After five years in an abusive marriage Andrea Waggoner moves 600 miles away for a fresh start in Harbor Spring Michigan. She is in search of a new life, with a new career and new friends. Andrea is instantly attracted to the landlord of the bakery that she opens in town. She fights her feelings fearful of opening up and revealing her physical and emotional scars.

Kyle Trent is drawn to Andrea. He tries over and over to befriend her and warm up to her, only to be rejected even though he can see the longing in her eyes. After Kyle rescues Andrea out in a rain storm when her car won’t start, she agrees to go out with him. Their passion ignites and takes off.

But, Andrea is concealing her past and the fact that her ex is stalking her sending her notes and gifts. When the gifts become more personal and threatening Andrea fears not only for herself, but Kyle and his nephew Ryan that lives with him. She has to find the courage to face her past and confide in Kyle before Clint comes to take revenge on her.

About Lawson Novels

Author of Historical and Contemporary Romance novels
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