Halloween Excerpt from Harbor of Love.

Excerpt from Harbor of Love.

Chapter Eight

“Trick or treat!” A group of four little princesses yelled out.

“Happy Halloween,” Andrea replied back. They excitedly held out their bags and pillow cases waiting to find out what kind of candy they were about to receive. Andrea had been making candy for the past three days in anticipation of Halloween. She had packaged them in treat bags with a seal from Andrea’s Bakery, so that the parents wouldn’t be leery of homemade candies.

The little girls looked delighted and thanked her. Andrea watched as the girls made their way to their next stop, the toy store next door. Halloween was still three days away, but all of the shops in down town Harbor Springs had an annual tradition of hosting a Halloween Trick or Treat Event.  It was a town favorite because it allowed the kids to come out during the daylight hours and parade around town in their costumes.

“Boo,” A young boy in a ninja turtle costume said as he jumped out at her.

“Happy Halloween,” Andrea reached into her bowl to give him a bag of candy. He giggled at her from behind his mask.

“Do you know who I am?” He giggled again. Andrea spotted Kyle and Kugar standing across the street watching them.

“Are you a frog?” Andrea played along pretending not to know who he was.

He giggled again. Then he reached up and removed his mask. His blue eyes were filled with joy and his cheeks were red from the excitement of running from shop to shop.

“Wow it’s you Ryan. I never would have guess that it was you under that mask. You had me fooled.” Andrea reached into her bowl for another two bags of candies to add to Ryan’s plastic pumpkin that was already half filled with candy.

“Thanks, Andrea.” Ryan wrapped his arms around Andrea’s middle.

“You’re welcome, kiddo. Come visit me soon, I miss you and Kugar.”

“Uncle Kyle, I got extra candy.” Ryan beamed as he hollered out to his uncle.

“Hi Andrea,” Kyle said as he crossed the street and walked towards her.

“Hi, Kyle,” she hadn’t spoken to him since the night of the opening two weeks ago. She had seen him coming into and leaving the real estate office that was located just a few doors down across the street, but he had stayed clear of her bakery.

“How are things going with the bakery?”

“Great, I’m exhausted, but I love it.”

“By the way I like your costume, very cute.” Kyle reached out to touch her wings.

Andrea was dressed up as a fairy. Complete with wings and a wand too.

“Thank you,” Andrea blushed.

Ryan tugged on Kyle’s hand, “c’mon Uncle Kyle.”

Andrea gave Kugar a pat on the head. “Have fun, Ryan. Come see me soon.” Andrea called out to him.

“Bye Andrea,” Kyle smiled at her. He couldn’t get over how cute she looked in her costume. It made him want to pick her up and twirl her around like a little girl. And then he wanted to see if her wand could grant him a wish too. All he wanted was Andrea in his arms and her lips on his.

Andrea watched Ryan and Kyle walk away from her. She had been hoping everyday that Kyle would stop by the bakery to see her. She felt bad about her abrupt dismissal of him the night of her opening. She knew that her behavior was unacceptable. Her problem was that she couldn’t seem to control herself when she was around him. Andrea knew that she liked him. She knew because she found herself daydreaming more and more about him with each passing day.

“Delivery,” A man walked towards Andrea holding a long white box. She could tell by the size of the box that someone was sending her roses. “Andrea Brown?” he asked.

Andrea was paralyzed from fear. Her face turned white. She was no longer going by Brown. She knew that there was only one person who would address something to her as Andrea Brown.


This isn’t the end of the chapter…I can’t give too much away! I hope that you are mad and wanting to find out what happened next!


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