Setting Goals

I am a planner. I write myself multiple notes per day about what I need to get done, things to remember, and goals for myself.

I make writing goals out all the time. I wanted to do Nano write this year, but I knew that I wouldn’t have the time with teaching. So, I made more realistic goals for my writing instead. My first goal was to finish re-reading my contemporary romance novel for any mistakes I missed or places that I needed to fill in more details. I ended up adding more than 2,000 words to it. After I was done, I sat looking at my computer, happy as could be. This is my best book yet. I just love it! So…I have already fulfilled my first goal for this month.

My second goal is going to be more complicated and time consuming. I want to start writing out the next in the series. I already have the plot loosely laid out. I have gone to seminars and read about how you should plot it all out, with the scenes…but that doesn’t work for me. My characters have a mind of their own as I begin to write them and my story changes. So, I make some general comments and ideas of what I am thinking about and then I get down to writing. I have the opening of book two in my Harbor of Love series. I wrote it over a year ago when I got the idea for the series.

This is Jillian’s story…


“Don’t do it, Jill,” he walked backwards until he came up against the fridge. There was nowhere else to go.

            Jill’s eyes blazed blue in anger. She reared back her arm and let the crystal vase fly.

            It shattered against the fridge, just missing his head.

            “Let’s talk about this like adults,” he pleaded with her. She was looking around the kitchen for something else to throw at him.

            “Baby, talk to me,” he said.

            “Don’t call me baby,” Her eyes flashed. She stopped looking for an object to hurt him with, and paused. “You aren’t worth it.” She grabbed her purse and car keys from the table and went out to the garage.

            She got into her SUV and squealed the tires as she put it in reverse to get out of there as quick as possible. As she merged onto the interstate tears started to blur her vision.


My goal is to have book two completed by the end of this school year. Wish me luck!

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1 Response to Setting Goals

  1. Burt Lexington says:

    I agree that deriving goals and working toward them is absolutely key, especially in writing. It sounds like you have lots going on in life, and I very much admire your dedication to your craft. I am sure that the finished product will be both successful and satisfying! I’ll be looking for it! Best of luck!

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