One Month Later…

I have been too busy to write a blog post this last month. One month ago I stated in this blog that I was going to work on my work in progress. I had 11,000 words already written. Almost every day I wrote. I had a general idea of where my story was going, but it changes along the way and has evolves all on its own.

I am so proud to say that in one month’s time I wrote an additional 62,910 words!! I finished my novel today with almost 74,000 words. That is a huge accomplishment. The title of my new novel is First Kiss. It is the second in a series. First Kiss is about two characters that I introduced in Harbor of Love.

This is the fourth full novel that I have completed. I have a lot of ideas in my head for possible stories, but only four have gone the distance.

I am currently working on trying to find an agent to represent me for Harbor of Love. I hope now that I have book two in the series written that might be a selling point. Now I have to work on writing a synopsis for First Kiss and send out queries for this one too. The whole process is long and tiring, but when I typed the last word, it is the most thrilling feeling. I just wrote a book…again!

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1 Response to One Month Later…

  1. As your part time editor I have to say that I love your book! Harbor of Love was great … and First Kiss is measuring up, as your second in this series! Congratulations are in store and good luck in finding an agent and a publisher. If they take the time to read both of your stories I have no doubt that someone will snatch them up fast!

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