Dedication for Sea of Passion

My Historical Romance novel Sea of Passion will be released August 13, 2014. I started to write it just before my 22 birthday. I will be turning 35 next month. So, fourteen years later my dream of having my book published is coming true. I am glad I have patience! There were times that I wanted to give up on my writing. Times that I wanted to delete every word. But, there has always been one person who has been in my corner through it all. She has been my cheerleader, she has helped me to plot out scenes when I am stuck, she has read everything I have written over and over again. She has stayed up to the wee hours of the morning editing, helping me write query letters, synopsis, blurbs, pitches, and everything else. She was there for me when I have received countless rejection letter and cursed the agents and editors who have passed on my work. Without her, this book wouldn’t be released tomorrow. Mom, this book is for you. I love you!

This is the dedication in my book:

My love of history began at an early age during family vacations around the Unites States learning about the history of our country.
Thank you, Mom,
for instilling in me the importance of the past as well as the importance of play and make believe.
Thank you, Mom,
for making up stories to me as a child and creating a fantasy world that let my imagination soar.

This book is dedicated to my mom, Gayle. Thank you for your love and support and for always believing in me.

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Author of Historical and Contemporary Romance novels
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3 Responses to Dedication for Sea of Passion

  1. says:

    Beautiful dedication and your mother is very deserving of this honor. Wishing you much success.

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