Sometimes life seems to be a juggling act. I now have three different personalities that I switch between.  Anne Lawson the romance novelist, Becca Johnson the YA author and the high school history and health teacher. I am maintaining three websites and three blogs.  I am glad that my role as a mom doesn’t require a website and blog page to keep up with. I just have to keep up with my three year old.

I am not complaining though.  I have a great life, my dreams have come true. It has taken a lot of hard work to get here. I know there is still a lot of hard work to come as well.

Today was the first day of school. I love the first day, it is a fresh start for everyone. This year it is a fresh start in a new school for me as well. I feel optimistic and excited for the challenges ahead of me. I haven’t been able to get a new blog posted every week. but, after I get into the swing of things and get settled in, the blogs will start coming every week again.

January has never felt like the beginning of the year for me. It has always felt like new beginning in September at the start of a new school year.

Cheers to new beginnings everyone!

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Pitch time at Savvy Authors

It’s that time of year for Savvy Author’s Summer Symposium! I participated last year and I had a few requests for my novels. After submitting, being rejected and revisions, I submitted again in April for their pitch week and that is how I got both of my contracts! So this time around I am submitting my small town contemporary romance novel, Harbor of Love. I am only pitching to agents this time though. So, I am crossing my fingers and hoping for some great new to share soon!!

Here is my pitch for Harbor of Love. I think it is my best book so far…

Harbor of Love is a 68,000 word contemporary romance, with a hint of suspense, set in the small town of Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Sometimes the end is really the beginning.

After five years in an abusive marriage Andrea Waggoner moves 600 miles away for a fresh start in Harbor Spring Michigan. She is in search of a new life, with a new career and new friends. Andrea is instantly attracted to the landlord of the bakery that she opens in town. She fights her feelings fearful of opening up and revealing her physical and emotional scars.

Kyle Trent is drawn to Andrea. He tries over and over to befriend her and warm up to her, only to be rejected even though he can see the longing in her eyes. After Kyle rescues Andrea out in a rain storm when her car won’t start, she agrees to go out with him. Their passion ignites and takes off.

But, Andrea is concealing her past and the fact that her ex is stalking her sending her notes and gifts. When the gifts become more personal and threatening Andrea fears not only for herself, but Kyle and his nephew Ryan that lives with him. She has to find the courage to face her past and confide in Kyle before Clint comes to take revenge on her.

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What does the Future Hold?

I am planning a scene in my next book where my main character is going to go to a psychic. I have never been to a psychic, so in order to write the scene and make it authentic, I had a psychic party. Who doesn’t want a glimpse into their future? I was all for it, but I was a little nervous at the same time.

She didn’t have a crystal ball, she didn’t wear a long flowing skirt and lots of jewelry, and she didn’t cast any spells. She was normal. She laid out on the table stones and crystals. There were probably forty total. She advised me to take a look at them and pick out the ones that I felt drawn to. It was easy. Certain stones and crystals instantly caught my eye and I knew I wanted those ones and set them in front of me.

I nervously waited for her to start. She told me she kept seeing dreams, that dreams were important. My second book that I wrote is called Dreamer, where my main character has dreams every night that come true. I was dumbfounded. I thought holy shit this woman is for real! She went on to tell me a few more things about my past that I already knew. Then she got to the good stuff…the future. My future looks pretty good!  I am anxious to see how it all plays out.

I know that I am the one who really controls my future. She said my books will be well received. In order for that to happen, I can’t sit back and wait for that to come. I have to make it happen. I am more than willing and excited to make all of my dreams come true. Your dreams can only come true if you help them along!


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Sometimes the end is really the beginning…

That is my tagline for my current contemporary novel that I am writing. The premise is three women whose love life has ended all by different circumstances.

Andrea had an abusive husband, Rachel’s’ husband passes away, and Jillian’s husband cheats on her. All three of the women believe that their love life is at an end. The end of a relationship gives them the chance for the beginning of a new life.


Andrea escapes her shattered life to her childhood cottage in Harbor Springs. Her parents had passed away years before and she flees to a place where she has nothing but happy memories.

Rachel is unable to face the stares, questions, and the holidays without her husband John to share them with. She takes a leave of absence from teaching. She wants to go where no one knows her and where her memories of John aren’t lurking in very corner. She ends up in the small town of Harbor Springs.

Jillian is behind on her deadlines. Her agent was able to get her an extension to finish her manuscript, but all Jillian can think of is her lying cheating husband! To escape the Windy City she finds herself in the small town of Harbor Springs where she plans to bury herself in her rented cottage and write.

By chance these three women meet. They form a bond of friendship that helps them to cope and move on from their tragic relationships and to find love again when they least expect it.

 The first book will be Andrea’s story. Andrea’s story will be done by the beginning of August. I am still working on Jillian’s back story and last will be Rachel’s story.


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The Best Laid Plans

Today I outlined the remainder of my work in progress. I have six more chapters planned out. It will most likely turn out to be 8 or nine more chapters though. I really love my newest book. Whichever book I am reading at the time happens to be my favorite, I am a little biased.

Now all I have to do is find the time to finish my work in progress. Then I have to write a synopsis, query letter and send it out and hold my breath. As of right now my title is Harbor of Love. I am planning on it being the first in a series of three. I have the second book loosely plotted out and I have the main characters background story all figured out in my head.

 Harbor is Love is a contemporary small town romance novel. I am writing it for women that have endured a heartbreaking relationship, but still find love when they thought they never would again.


Kyle got out of his truck in the pouring rain, “is everything alright, Andrea?” He looked concerned.

“Can you give me a lift home? My car won’t start.”

Kyle answered by opening her door up the rest of the way and took her hand. They raced around his truck to the passenger door. He waited for her to get in before closing the door to run back to the driver’s side.

“Phew, what a night,” Kyle remarked. “What is wrong with your car?”

“It wouldn’t turn over at all. I guess the battery could be dead. Do you have jumper cables?” She asked.

“Not in this storm, I am not going to jump your car. I will drive you home and then pick you up in the morning.” Kyle put the truck in reverse, end of discussion on that.

Andrea didn’t respond right away. She looked at Kyle in the dark of his truck. He was so handsome. Her fingers itched to touch his dark wet hair. She looked at his hands on the steering wheel and wondered what it would feel like to have his hands on her body, taking off her wet clothes. Andrea blushed at where her thoughts had traveled. It was dark, thank goodness. She needed to stop reading romance books if this was the way she was going to think in the presence of a good looking man.

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Imagination is Everything!!

I grew up going on magic carpet rides. My mom had a wonderful imagination and she told my brothers and I wonderful make believe stories. We went on grand adventures together.
I also grew up playing with Barbie dolls. I loved to play with my dolls. They all had different roles to play and storylines that I thought up in my head.
When I outgrew Barbie’s I started to read. I started with Nancy Drew and then my mom introduced me to Victorian Romance stories. I was hooked. When I start a book I get obsessed with the story and I don’t want to put it down until I am finished. I will stay up all night reading. I hope that my books will someday have the same affect.
I thank my mom for helping me to develop my imagination and the make believe world that I could escape to. I still love to escape to my make believe places when I write. There is no greater escape for me.

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Pinch Me!!

On Thursday night I got home after two hours on a car ferry, four+ hours in the car, then swimming in the lake with my three year old, and I was dead tired after unpacking the car. I opened up my e-mail and I had a message waiting for me from Debby Gilbert of Soul Mate Publishing. After participating in Savvy Authors, April Pitch event, I had a few requests for my manuscripts. I expected to open up the e-mail to the usual, thanks but no thanks. I was wrong!

It started out Great News! I think my heart actually stopped beating. I gasped! Soul Mate Publishing wants to publish MY book! I have checked my e-mail multiple times since to see if I really read it all right! It wasn’t a dream was it? No, the e-mail is still there so I printed it out in case it disappeared! I am going to be a published author!

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