Work in progress- character bio’s

To Love Again, is a small town romance story with a twist of suspense.

Promises made to your dying husband are hard to keep.


Heroine- innkeeper at the Harbor of Love B&B

Rachel is a young widow. She lost her husband John five years ago. She fled her job, friends, and family to a small town in Michigan. She is the innkeeper at the local inn.

She made her husband a promise before he died that she would live her life and fulfill her hopes and dreams, but she hasn’t done that at all. She is scared to love and lose again. Can she take the leap and put her heart out there again?


Hero #1

Divorcee of three years has been married to his work. He’s an old friend of Rachel growing up he stops at the inn to say hello. On his way out of town he stops at a mechanics garage that is for sale. On a whim he buys into the business with plans to open a restoration and custom car garage a well. He also plans on restoring his friendship and hopefully a relationship with Rachel.


Hero #2

Bad boy, playboy Pete is ready to give up his Bachelor lifestyle for Rachel. They’ve been flirting for over a year, she’s the first woman to make him want to settle down and think of a long term relationship. He isn’t sure if she’s ready to be in a relationship with him, but she’s worth waiting for.